Information about this demo site

This site is a functional demo of capabilities and ideas for the next website.

The intent of this demo is to show capabilities of a system to help the Post organize and communicate internally, as well as be used as a marketing and PR hub to present our community outreach and events. The pages/events can then be shared out to other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Some example functionality shown by this mockup/demo:

  • Calendar Of Events (with security options… ie… Public, Post Members Only, Organization Only (BlueHat, SAL, Aux), Officer Only)
    • Ability to Display Cantina Events Separate from Official Legion Meetings, Etc.
    • The current demo does not illustrate Member Only / Restricted features.
  • Officer’s Listings for each organization
  • Documents, Forms, Volunteer Signup Pages, Membership Join/Signup
  • One-Stop place to find links to other resources (VA, Warren County Veterans Admin, My Legion, Flag and Emblem)
  • News – a Place to post news directly, and also bring in other news sources, such as the Post’s Substack News Page.
  • Event Dedicates Pages (Pages dedicated to larger, signature events, which can then be shared out to other media/social outlets)
    • SAL Fourth of July Fireworks
    • Auxiliary Gift / Food Drives
    • Memorial Day activities

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